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We are a band of friends and kindred spirits who have been working with celestial teachers for some 20 years, as both listeners and transmitters.

Over this time, we’ve met many people who were having spiritual awakenings of their own, and desiring a deeper level of inner spirit contact. They have all been similarly inspired to forge a new world of peace and love.

So we were motivated to organize this Teaching Mission Network for sincere seekers who want to connect with the celestial teachers with whom we lovingly interact. This process is begun by devoting time to listening in the Stillness, prayer, and the development of a personal relationship with God, your Creator.

Stillness practice can be an exhilarating and energizing spiritual experience in itself. It can also bring to you a new wave of celestial teachers assigned to our quickening planet. They will offer you personalized guidance and foundational spiritual insights for your soul growth. You can learn to transmit them orally, by written journal or keyboard.


While we are all evolving students of spirituality ourselves, we would be pleased to be your friends, your advisors, guides and facilitators in your individual journey. We charge no fees and accept no donations. We will simply share what we have discovered as well as our ideas and theories about it. Each of us here has traveled our own challenging paths of growth over the years, from doubts to discoveries, and with many stories to share. We will also listen to yours.

While each of us is inspired by The Urantia Book, and we came together through this community, we also respect and engage in other philosophies of universal Love and Oneness. One of our teachers said: “There are as many paths to God as there are souls to walk them.”

We hope you’ll be interested in meeting the personalities on our Introductions page, and will explore our collection of links and media resources in the area of celestial teacher contact. 

For questions and general information, use our central e-mail, JimCleveland@me.com. Address your questions to the Administrative Council. 

Our members will also provide personal introductions and addresses for your individual contact on their pages. But our site is still under construction, so come back and visit for new features coming soon. In the meantime, visit our active Teaching Mission Network group on Facebook.

The Teaching Mission Network



Machiventa: "My sisters and brothers it is again Machiventa. I would offer you some few words of advice. In this mission for our great brother and Father you will have many opportunities for growth-ful play as we have in this convocation upon the mountain. But I would warn you, and I do not speak warnings lightly, nor to disseminate fear, but as a representative of our common parent, his adjutant, if you will, that you not smooth over the rough edges within you for this teaching mission. The rough edges are there for your instruction and questioning.

"While we come together and feel good, this is not our entire purpose. I would warn you against complacency and ask that you be vigilant within your souls, not without joy certainly... . ..but dear friends, remember that your honesty will ever be rewarded with a greater appreciation and acceptance above and on this planet.

"If there are no Thomas's among you, you will be missing a great deal, for the Thomas's are a balance to the tendency toward consensus of thought. One cannot function and be whole without the other.

"You must remain and maintain, though it is seemingly a paradox, those rough edges. The rough edges pierce the shell that contains you, the shell which is the boundary of your core of knowledge and understanding. And it may not be your own rough edge which pierces that shell, often it is not. Be brave. You will be wrong, often enough, but you will always find the truth. God is a great and just parent." (From Bogus Basin, July 4, 1998)

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