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We are a band of friends and kindred spirits who have been working with celestial teachers for some 30 years, as both listeners and transmitters. Over this time, we’ve met many people who were having spiritual awakenings of their own, and desiring a deeper level of inner spirit contact. They have all been similarly inspired to forge a new world of peace and love.

So we were motivated to organize this Teaching Mission Network for sincere seekers who want to connect with the celestial teachers with whom we lovingly interact. This process is begun by devoting time to listening in the Stillness, prayer, and the development of a personal relationship with God, your Creator, with your worship and prayer, your petitions and your listening.


Stillness practice can be an exhilarating and energizing spiritual experience in itself. It can also bring to you a new wave of celestial teachers assigned to our quickening planet. They will offer you personalized guidance and foundational spiritual insights for your soul growth. You can learn to transmit them orally, by written journal or While each of us is inspired by The Urantia Book, and we came together through this community, we also respect and engage in other philosophies of universal Love and Oneness. One of our teachers said: “There are as many paths to God as there are souls to walk them.”

We hope you’ll be interested in seeing and downloading the creative expressions of our members on these pages, and by exploring our family of global friends in our links We invite you to especially visit the archive and library of Teaching Mission celestial teacher transcripts 1991-2022.

For questions and general information, use our central e-mail,

We also invite you to visit our active Teaching Mission Network on Facebook, which features new transmissions via Zoom and text.

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Five Spiritual Friends and their Music Legacy

Over years of attending Urantia Book and Teaching Mission conferences, I've heard some very gifted singers and songwriters. Some of them have passed on, leaving a legacy of great songs and performances. This album is a tribute intended as a Legacy.

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NEW OFFERING from Jim Cleveland


The URANTIS DISCOVERY: Finding Truth, Beauty and Goodness on our Home Planet; Introducing the Wisdom of the Urantia Book, a large collection of color photographs and nuggets of spiritual insight.

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NEW OFFERING from Jim Cleveland


Battles Over Our Values and Intentions

Apocalypse has unveiled all of a naked world for us to see. True and false rhetoric has engulfed us in a global tsunami that challenges our minds, our values and intentions.

Armageddon battles react and rage across the planet. Will the forces of Goodness win on these fronts? What will be our personal part? Victims or Champions? Faith-driven or in faithless despair? Will we battle corruption or be part of it?

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In Loving Memory of James Cleveland

Jim passed away this past March 1st, 2024

I first met Jim over twenty years ago when he was working at the marketing department of Central State University in Wilberforce, OH. We started working on projects related to the university and also worked on some freelance projects with him. We stayed friends all these years and I had the privilege working with him as his graphic design for most of his book cover designs as well as maintaining his website. He was a true friend and I will miss working with him.

Jim and his family would like to thanks everyone who has visited and hope you have enjoyed his creative endeavors over the years.

Jim has three websites that I have maintained for him and I will keep these up until the domain name renewal is due. No new material we be added to the sites. Here is a time line for the three website: will still be hosted until April of 2025 will be hosted until July of 2024 will be hosted until July of 2024