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by Gerdean

An extraterrestrial man who has materialized to determine the evolutionary statur of her earth species. Together they explore and advanced society of selfless Zooidal idealists who seek the altruistic standards that will trigger extraterrestrial contact.

by Gerdean O'Dell

E-book from the late Gerdean O'Dell is shared in a pre-publication form. We will keep this title alive on Amazon and in the market as a valuable comparative study of the body's seven Chakras and Urantis's Adjutant Mind Spirits

by Bob Devine

An impressive collection of spirit-connected poetry from Bob Devine of the Association of Light and Life, with a rejuvenated website that includes New Teaching Missions Lessons.

by Fred F. Harris Jr.

Vincent and Roland and their adventures in the Correcting Time

The Lucifer trail is over and the quarantine has been lifted on the rebellious planets. The circuits are open and the spiritual realm is abuzz. The order has come down to increase the spiritual energy by sending celestials to teach the people of these planets, including Earth. These efforts are designed to bring Earth's civilizations out of darkness and into the ages of Light and Life. The teachers can only succeed with the cooperation of humans themselves. Mortals are recruited, consciously and unconsciously, to aid in the cause. The celestials are free to work in many ways but they have one basic restriction: they may not violate the free will of their students.

How did two such unlikely characters as Vincent and Roland get recruited into this mission? Neither knew much about spirituality until each was led by the same person to a big blue book that revealed the purpose of life and God's plan for universe progression. Follow the adventures of these two friends as they lean a hand in the Correcting Time

by Fred F. Harris Jr. and Bryon Belitsos

Presenting spiritual teachings previously known to few on this planet, this book contains lessons that are based on the legendary 20th-century revelatory document known as The Urantia Book. These exercises bring the Urantia Revelation to life, unveiling for the first time the spiritual essence of this underground masterpiece in a series of practical lessons that simplify and amplify its majestic teachings. This unusual book of celestial wisdom shows that the spiritual path must eventually lead to the divine center within, the indwelling light that corresponds with the transcendent light of God. The 130 lessons restate the original teachings of Jesus — as presented in The Urantia Book — within a startling new cosmological framework.

by Byron Belitsos

Amplifying the core spiritual teachings of The Urantia Book—a unique and thrilling revelatory book first published in 1955—this guide introduces the two central deity- personalities of the Urantia revelation: Christ Michael— Jesus—and his feminine, coequal consort, Mother Spirit. As the study relates, these two deities maintain intimate contact with their sons and daughters, demonstrating their love through an unprecedented series of teachings. In one short volume, this compilation chronicles Jesus’ own awe-inspiring lessons— updated for the 21st century— along with essential introductory and background materials. The wisdom provided here offers heartfelt instructions on the art of living, making a challenging cosmological reference concise and accessible.


The Institute of Christ Consciousness nurtures people in the development of their spiritual journey and soul growth.  Services provided help people access their own Indwelling Divine Source, develop an intimate relationship with our Universe Parents, train for celestial contact, and provide healing services for trauma—past and present.  Our transformational tools are books and CDs, including  "Teach Us To Love,” and “Divine Mother, Divine Father—Teachings on Inspirational Living from Our Heavenly Parents.”  

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