These members invite your inquiries and sharings regarding the Stillness practice, the Teaching Mission and our mutual contacts with celestial guidance. We are simply apostles of Christ Michael of Nebadon, and we believe he incarnated on our planet in the mission of Jesus, our redeemer.  We are friends. Here are our member locations.


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MEMBERS and their Geographical Locations


Jim Cleveland


Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deborah Goaldman


Bakersfield, California

Blanche Berland

Office Manager & Secretary,

Deerfield Beach, Florida

Ron Cohen


Crystal River, Florida

Oliver Duex

Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Mary Livingston

Former Co-Chair,

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

James Leese

Fort Myers, Florida

Gerald Farley

Salem, Oregon


Roxanne Andrews

Boulder, Colorado —

Barry Bartlett

Hamilton, New Zealand —

Angus Bowen

Albuquerque, New Mexico —

Susan Butterfield

Lake Nueval, Costa Rica —

Bob Devine, Association of Light and Life

Idaho, USA —

Doug Dodge

Lincoln, Nebraska —

Eric and Eric Johnson

Kannapolis, North Carolina —

Patjie Mills

Sarasota, Florida —

Cathy Morris

Everett, Washington —

Steffani Murray

Florida —

Manu Puri

Idaho, USA —

Marty Risacher

Sarasota, Florida —

Karen Roberts

San Luis Obispo, California —

Mark and Mary Rogers

Sand Pointe, Idaho —

Susan Rowland

Columbus, Ohio —

Sonny Schneider

Alberta, Canada —

Leoma Sparer

Michigan, USA —

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